Seaman Squirter - Starter Package

Seaman Squirter - Starter Package

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Nobody likes a dirty, salty vessel! 

Keep your machine clean with seaman marine's squirter package 😉

Using a completely biodegradable and environmentally formula, we set out to make the best foaming salt wash on the market without false claims.

Using a highly concentrated  PH-Neutral formula, seaman marine's has been specifically formulated to remove salt deposits from : 

🟢Painted Surfaces (Both 2pac & Acrylic)
🟢Stainless Steel 

Kit Contents: 
1 x Seaman Marine Wash Bucket
1 x Seaman Squirter 
1 x 1 LTR, 2 LTR, 3 LTR OR 5 LTR  (Please choose from drop-down your litres)

Using brass fixtures and an adjustable foaming ratio, use our seaman squirter anywhere that has a standard hose connection for supreme results.

Seaman is renown for its wet, clinging... FOAM.
Trust us and check for yourself!
We are PH Neutral - Our team cannot stress this enough as numerous products in the market that erode waxes, finishes, sealants & coatings.